Combat Cheat Sheet

Greetings Players! Below you will find a handy-dandy list of most of the modifiers that you will need to be using on a frequent basis, as well as a very basic explanation of combat.

There are all sorts of ways to attack your enemies but it all boils down to two basic attacks:

  • Melee – Attacks made when adjacent to your enemy, these use your Str. modifier.
  • Ranged – Attacks made when you aren’t, these use you Dex. modifier.

There are two different categories for each attack listed above as well:

  • (Untyped) – These attacks are made versus your opponents full AC.
  • Touch – These attacks are made versus your opponents full AC without their Armor bonus (this number is called their “Touch AC”). This means that these attacks are usually significantly more likely to succeed.

All in all this means that there are four typical attack configurations and a host of modifiers that can be applied to them.

  1. Melee Attack: Roll 1d20 and add modifiers (Str. modifier, Attack Bonus, Other) vs. Opponents full AC. This is most weapon attacks.
  2. Melee Touch Attack: Roll 1d20 and add modifiers (Str. modifier, Attack Bonus, Other) vs. Opponents Touch AC. These are usually spells.
  3. Ranged Attack: Roll 1d20 and add modifiers (Dex. modifier, Attack Bonus, Other) vs. Opponents full AC. This is most attacks made with ranged weapons.
  4. Ranged Touch Attack: Roll 1d20 and add modifiers (Dex. modifier, Attack Bonus, Other) vs. Opponents full AC.

If you hit then your action was successful! Congratulations, you are well on your way to being a successful adventurer. Wait, what was that? You need to know what the definitions of “Attack Bonus” and “Other” are or else the above list isn’t exactly helpful?

Delighted to oblige!

Your “Attack Bonus” is a magical number (like most things in this game) that is a sum of many smaller parts which are listed below.

  • Base Attack Bonus (BAB) – This is a number (+1 to +20) that may or may not go up each level whenever you level up. The squishier you are the lower this number tends to be.
  • Weapon Bonus – Bonus that derives from using masterwork weapons (+1) or a magical weapon (ranges from +1 to +5). These two bonuses do not stack.
  • Feat Bonus – Usually this is a (+1) as a result of the “Weapon Focus” feat.

Royal Mage Vier is attempting to assassinate the royal cook because he makes the morning eggs too runny. Vier has a BAB of +1 and is using a +2 magical dagger, he doesn’t have “Weapon Focus: Dagger”. His attack bonus for this attack would be +3, after you add in his +1 Str. bonus (this attack is a “Melee Attack”) and that results in a total of +4 to hit. I hope he rolled high! Looks like he didn’t though, he rolled a 6 on his d20 and adds the +4 from above for a total of 10, this is less than the cooks AC of 12. Vier missed.

Now the cook knows that murder is afoot and is trying to flee. Vier attempts to blast the cook with his “Scorching Ray” spell before the cook can get away and alert the guards. Vier has a BAB of +1 and has “Weapon Focus: Ray”, granting him an attack bonus of +1 to ray attacks. After you add his +3 Dex. bonus (this is a “Ranged Touch Attack”) that brings his bonus up to +5. He rolls a 12 this time on his d20, the end result is a 17. This definitely hits the cook, whose Touch AC was only 9. The cook was a level 1 commoner with a measly 5 hp, he’s quite dead. I hope you’re happy, he had a family you know. His name was Rick. Goodbye Rick.

Moving right along. The following is a very brief list of most of the possible modifiers that the average player is going to see during the average session, as well as some for just the Barbarians in the group.

The “Other” Bonuses:

  • Flanking: +2 to your attacks
  • Charging: +2 to your attacks, -2 to your AC
  • Power Attack: -x to your BAB, that same amount x2 in extra damage
  • Leap Attack: -x to your BAB, that amount x3 in extra damage
  • Using a Lance: whatever your total damage (before counting sneak attack) x2
  • Getting a Critical Hit: whatever your total damage (before counting sneak attack) multiplied by your weapons crit multiplier

EXTREME (yet somehow common) EXAMPLE:
Time for your DMs nightmare and the bane of all Cryo-Hydras. Let’s blow this out of proportion and do all of it at once. Assume for the sake of this example that you are a level 10 Barbarian Centaur, using a +4 lance two-handed, are leap attacking (already made that check and passed) and gave up all 10 points of your BAB, raging, charging, and flanking. Lets say that your str bonus is +10 and that you rolled a natural 20. We’ll run the math step by step.

Your Attack Roll

  1. Roll your attack (20)
  2. Add your Str. bonus (12 because you are raging, remember?)
  3. Add your Attack bonus (4 which comes from BAB of +0 and your enchanted lance adds +4)
  4. Add your “Other” bonuses (4 which comes from +2 flanking and +2 charging)
    Your total was: 20 + 12 + 4 + 4 = 40. We’ll assume you confirmed the crit, you’re doing fantastic by the way.

Your Damage Roll

  1. Roll your base weapon damage (lets say that’s 2d6 in this example and you rolled 12)
  2. Add bonus weapon damage that isn’t sneak attack (4 from your enchanted lance)
  3. Add your strength bonus in damage (18 due to using your weapon 2 handed with a +12 str bonus)
  4. Add your Leap Attack damage (30 due to giving up 10 points of your BAB and using your lance two handed)
  5. It’s a lance, so multiply that total by 2 (64 × 2 = 128)
  6. And you crit (x3 on a lance), so your DM can pretty much kiss his baddie goodbye in this one hit alone for a bone-jarring 384 points of damage.
  7. If you have Sneak Attack damage this is the step in which you would add it.

Combat Cheat Sheet

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