Dorian Fullmore

Lord of the Island of Tasum


Dorian, age 46, resides in Fairmor as lord of the southwestern half of Tasum – The Isle of Promise and head counselor of the Brimtide Crew. He acquired great renown for establishing a greater bond with the dwarves of Rockford (for better or worse). His ancestor, Markor Fullmore, established the family name and monarchy by sailing one of the great vessels, the Oro Jackson, to Wrynn.

Dorian is an outspoken and charismatic leader, lending aid to the widespread popular view of the Humans in the isles. He acts as a forerunner towards progress, and works closely with the Privateer’s Guild to that end. Fascinated by the mysteries that lie in the land, he will often tell far-fetched stories of acquiring wealth, fame and treasure to the commoners of Fairmor when not occupied by his civil duties. Despite being somewhat lax on upholding a sense of royalty, he maintains Fairmor and the other villages of Tasum with a high degree of care and understanding. He is married to Jillian Fullmore and has two children, Drake Fullmore and Kaitlyn Fullmore.

Dorian Fullmore

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