The Isles of Wrynn: Voyage of Remorse

“Greetings! Welcome to the Isles, or as we like to call them… our treasured home! I suspect you have some questions about everything – this fantastic land we’ve settled for a few hundred years now, the people that inhabit this land and the great purpose that binds us here. Don’t fret! All will be revealed in time, the time that many have given their lives to protect. There’s much to do out there… exploration, discovery, puzzles, conquest, magic, riches, fame… you name it! So what are you waiting for? Seek your desires, naught bar you. Live… and fight!” – Dorian Fullmore

Game Background

The Isles of Wrynn are cast away from the major continents that exist in other areas of the world. A strange and powerful force prevents even the most masterful of magi from reaching the far off continents. Several Bergantina class ships have been lost when sailing away from the islands, returning as wreckage on the shores days later. For a little over 200 years, finding ways to survive and creating shelter was the paramount goal for those that landed on the islands. Gradually, the land presented less challenges to the people’s existence, leading to an age of peace that afforded more time for growth as a civilization. The most important thing in these citizens’ minds now is understanding the land that they have come to realize they are bound to. The privateer’s guild has been formed for just over 82 years, guiding the new generation of people on the path to salvage and discover the ancestry that existed on Wrynn. Elders of the land maintain that it’s possible to break free of the grasp that binds everyone to the archipelago, however few have a proposal for doing so. Can the key to the gate be found?


Hello. I’m currently in the process of fleshing out a story concept along with adventures that will hopefully entertain. Rise of the Durnskald is still in full swing, and this game concept is still mostly a thought, but it has begun to take shape in my mind.

This being said, I do have my revision of the House Rules done (minor adjustments to John’s). Any comments or suggestions are welcome, I hope to make a game to remember for years to come.

The Isles of Wrynn

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